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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news.
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good wednesday morning, thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. the u.s. ambassador to libya born in northern california educated here in the bay area is dead. >> deadly attack on him and three other americans can be traced to a controversial movie. >> katie marzullo is live in the breaking news center with the latest. >> reporter: new now the white house is reacting to death of u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens born and raised in northern california graduated from uc berkeley in 1982 and hastings college of law in 1989. he had just become the ambassador of libya in may of this year. he was killed in a rocket attack on his car as he tried to leave the embassy, which was under seen. reports are saying that three -- was under seen.
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reports are saying three others were killed as well. president obama has released a statement within the last 20 minutes or so it says in part: on a personal note, chris was a courageous and exemplary representative of the united states. he selflessly served our country and the libyan people at our mission in benghazi. his legacy will endure wherever human beings reach for liberty and justice. i'm profoundly grateful for his service to my administration and deeply saddened by the loss. a statement from president obama. protesters had swarmed the embassy in benghazi, reportedly over an amateur film made by an american the film ridiculed islam's prophet know ham dad. in egypt protesters stormed the american embassy and tore down the american flag. secretary of state clinton
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says she is concerned the protest might spread to other countries and u.s. embassies throughout the arab world are on high alert. we have developing news from the city of alameda, firefighters put out a fire at a duplex this morning. crews say there were heavy flames from the rear of the building on pacific avenue near walnut street. firefighters had to rescue a paralyzed man. everyone got out safely. the red cross is on the scene to help 15 displaced. this saturday iphone fans have been waiting for. apple expected to showcase the fifth and latest version of the popular gadget in a few hours. terry mcsweeney is live at the yerba buena center what about ipad fans, something possible for them too? >> reporter: anything is possible today we've got speculation going crazy we are not even sure what the name of this new iphone is going to be
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maybe 5 maybe not, might be an ipad released, maybe not. we know some things that aren't going to be in the new iphone. take a look at pictures now as i tell you about what won't be in the iphone. when you click on the maps icon in the new iphone software no google maps, apple's own 3-d voice guided navigation software because apple and google aren't best of friends these days. >> there's enough friction between apple and google that apple felt like hit to map the entire world so it wouldn't be dependent on one of their biggest competitors. >> reporter: samsung also not best friends with apple two involved in second patent lawsuit the iphone 5 according to some blogs won't be using samsung memory chips, apple's you tube app disappearing,
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youtube owned by google. the new phone we know a few things, we think, slightly thinner, larger screen, two-tone body in black and white. some say ipad might ab announced, also maybe -- most bloggers think that is for next month. the price of the new iphone whatever it is called is going to be about $600 they are talking about shipping around the 21st of september. that's what we think we know. we'll know everything or a lot more at 10:00 this morning when the announcement is made at the yerba buena gardens. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. we'll be covering today. -- [ unintelligible ] ordinance would apply to pot dispensaries that skip out on paying taxes to the city. half of san jose's 558
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dispensaries have neglected to pay part or all of 10% tax passed by voters in 2010. one city council estimates the amount of unpaid taxes between one and three million dollars. uc board of regents will hold a meeting today to discuss budget issues held at mission bay campus. voted in july to support the governor's tax initiative on the november ballot if voters approve prop 30 the system will have a 125 million dollar funding gap. the board of trustees for san francisco city college will ask a trustee from the state to help keep its accreditation. the board voted last night to request help to oversee finances. city college serves 86,000 and largest public school in the state. it was revealed in june the accreditation commission found city college is spending too much money and calling for cuts in order for the college
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to keep its accreditation. dozens of students disrupted the meeting protesting cuts to classes. san francisco ethics commission has formally approved written findings that ross mirkarimi committed official misconduct. this morning it is unclear when the suspended sheriff will find out if he can keep his job. the ethics commission decided to delay releasing transcripts to the board of supervisors, they are expected to recommend whether mirkarimi be removed because of a domestic violence plea or reinstated. the delay will give the commission time to consider a request from mirkarimi to postpone the proceedings until after the november election. authorities in santa clara county asking for public's help in identifying a murder victim they've released this sketch of the woman, she was killed last month by a man with a samurai sword outside walgreens in downtown san jose we reported on that. she is described as a 60-year-old woman who went by the name of gail.
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call the coroner's office if you recognize her. authorities are searching for two men who escaped from a jail in santa cruz county, two men on the loose, identified as 22-year-old and a 29-year-old brian martin both considered low risk inmates they walked away from a facility in watsonville yesterday while on break from a class that targets behavior of repeat offenders. first human case of west nile in the bay area. man in his 50s treated in solano county officials found at least 40 infected birds. a woman in the central contra costa county has been infected her illness was described as mild. officials remind us, west nile is preventable by using mosquito repellent. oakland a's pitcher mccarthy out of the hospital a week after his skull was by a line drive. he was hit in the head in last wednesday's game against the
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angels he underwent two hours of surgery that evening. doctors say he could have died from that hit. he's making excellent progress he expects to pitch again hopefully this season in a statement mccarthy expressed how grateful he is to his doctors, teammates as well as his fans. glad to hear he's better. >> every time i look at that video, still gives me the chills. >> i think everybody. 5:09. not a bad day to play a little baseball, soccer whatever your child is participating in. time of year, good morning, water vapor drier air pushed farther south watching this area clockwise flow that he's high pressure coming in now suppressing the marine layer. we'll see a lot of sun by the afternoon. 50s just about everywhere this
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morning then jump up from the mid 50s at the coast noon to mid 70s bay, 80 inland top out around 1:30, 2:00 then drop back into the mid 80s by 4:00 inland near the upper 70s around the bay and low 60s coast continue dropping a couple more degrees into the upper 70s by 7:00, 69 bay, coat at the coast, 60 through 7:00, clouds thicker during the evening especially at the coast. thursday and friday warmest days in the forecast, cooling starts to hit the coast friday, starts to move through the bay saturday inland sunday. these are the three warmest days in the forecast, low to mid 90s bay, low to mid 80s bay, -- upper 60s to mid 60s throughout the coast. quiet now. good morning. live look at 80 east shore freeway from richmond past
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golden gate fields into the berkeley area everything is smooth no problems, once you get to the bay bridge quiet. just a few headlights 280 in san jose northbound lights here 17 overcrossing out of the santa cruz mountains, no problems on your dive. roadwork extent -- on your drive. roadwork extensive marin county southbound direction sir francis drake greenbrae to the golden gate bridge down to the two right lanes in both directions until 6:00 this morning. elsewhere we have roadwork eastbound highway 4 until 5:30. let's look at drive times towards the altamont pass 580 highway four out of antioch and 80 east shore freeway we just showed you. 5:11. >> the man expected to be the next president of china
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suddenly disappears from the public eye. theories that cropping up on the internet. big legal loss for online moneylender what it could mean for thousands of customers. growing demand at the mother's milk bank find out where to turn if you are unable to
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. good morning. fed officials meeting today and tomorrow after they are likely to announce new efforts
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to boost the economy. just the anticipation alone was enough for the dow to close yesterday at its highest level in almost five years. many companies holding the line on pricing give you less for your money the amount in the pack skapblg shrinking price remain the same saying customers would rather have smaller packages than higher prices. apple unveils iphone 5 today analysts say apple may sell 10 million by the end of the month. that's america's money. good wednesday morning. 5:15, china refusing to comment on mystery surrounding the man around the man who is expected to be the next president. fueling speculation about his well-being. he's vanished from view. xi jinping has cancelled meetings, including one with secretary of state clinton.
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[ unintelligible ] last time xi was seen in public was september 1st. you may have seen commercials. >> those commercials advertising cash call, a judge in west virginia has ordered the company to pay 13 million dollars in civil penalties and cancel all debts owned by clients in the state. the judge ruled cash call use predatory lending practices and harassed borrowers who fell behind in payments. the attorney general says cash call charged interest rates of 90%. governor has named a wall net creek city councilman -- a program helping some of
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the smallest infants in the bay area is asking for help, maybe yours. the mother's milk bank provides donated breast milk for mothers who can't produce their own. >> demand for human milk has gone exponentially high. we are getting calls everyday from more and more hospitals who want milk. >> mothers who sign up and take a blood test can send milk to the san jose milk bank in prepaid coolers find a link on click on see it on tv. [ unintelligible ] a little fog mainly around the bay starting to filter into the north bay valleys,
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marine layer close to the ground you can see the ebb and flow earlier we couldn't see the top of the coit tower now we see more of it. i believe it is going to be thick enough the clouds that we will have flight arrival delays into sfo. at the bottom. mist in the air no organized areas of rain or drizzle falling from the clouds, temperatures low to upper 50s cool start same monterey bay mid to upper 50s low hanging clouds. by the afternoon going to be sunny near normal, warmest tomorrow and friday then slow cooling trend saturday, sunday and monday close to average today in many areas, livermore four degrees warmer 89 napa and san jose 83 where you should be for september 12th. oakland one degree cooler 74 redwood city 80, san francisco three degrees cooler than
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average. cloud cover thickest bay north bay valleys not making it into the east or south bay by noon all the fog is gone. easy to get rid of because it is shallow high pressure sinking air will start working towards the coast pockets of sunshine as we need the afternoon hours. 79 toys 87 los gatos that's our spread in the south bay. peninsula 81 menlo park, 74 millbrae. mid 60s coast today near 70 downtown south san francisco sausalito 72 low to mid 80s north bay valleys beaches mid 60s east bay shore mid 70s to about 80° at castro valley, fremont, herb bees berkeley 72°. 85 dublin, 91 brentwood warm east bay valleys mid 60s monterey, carmel, low to mid
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70s the rest of the monterey bay. tonight clouds not as widespread out at the coast a little fog north bay valleys the high pressure going to bring us the warm afternoon today and also as you look at tomorrow and thursday, the warmest day at the coast will be tomorrow, the warmest day around the bay tomorrow and friday warmest days inland thursday through saturday temperatures cool slightly sunday through tuesday a little more cloud cover during the morning. have a great day. good morning. if if your commute takes you from hayward to foster city via the san mateo bridge here's a live shot a few brake lights towards the highrise section traffic flowing smoothly drive time 14 to 15 minutes from either side of the bay. elsewhere, walnut creek southbound 680 moving well past north main to highway 24, points beyond to the san ramon valley southbound to 580 junction moving at the limit
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for your southbound 680 commute if you are traveling into the bay bridge toll this morning, right now metering lights off, traffic is nice, very smooth through the tunnel into san francisco, drive times if you are headed out highway 24 towards the caldecott tunnel under 10 minutes, 101 through marin, 10 minutes out of novato into central san rafael and coming off the altamont pass into 680, about 15 minutes. katie couric's premiere week continues today at 3:00 with an interview with heidi klum her first national interview following news of her pending divorce from singer seal. she will open up about the break-up of her marriage. katie is part of our all new afternoon line-up starts at 1 co-clock with general hospital, who wants to be a millionaire at 2:00, followed by jeopardy 2:30, katie at 3:00, then
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abc7 news at 4:00. with the national championship air races in reno getting underway today organizers have installed new safe s in the wake of last year's tragedy a pilot lost control of his plane, the crash killed 10 spectators as well as pilot. this year the changes include moving the racing pylons sunning the course and additional 150 feet away from fans, four foot high concrete wall installed in front of the grandstand. more than 150 homes evacuated in eastern washington state, where two wildfires merged. acre fire burning 140 miles east of seattle. a fruit growing region on the banks of the columbia river. thick smoke has caused breathing problems for people, montana and wyoming also fighting wildfires that triggered evacuations.
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the professional hockey season may be in jeopardy. the last ditch effort to avert an nhl lock out. -- >> >> announcer: into left field. >> the giants come up with a big play. is it enough to win? sports is next. 7-year-old sets new record. we'll tell you why this boy from the ukraine is celebrating the surprising bid
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welcome back. a's looking to sweep the angels this afternoon. cocoa crisp hit a 9th inning triple down the line gets by right fielder then scores on throwing error angels cut the lead to 6-5 bottom of the 9th blevins get the save getting double play, a's win fifth straight game now have a two game lead for the wild card. >> in colorado giants starter bumgarner hit this three run dinger to tie the game at four all in the 4th big night for belt who hit his own homer in the 7th, there it goes, four rbi's giants hang on to win 9-8 and avenge monday night's loss both teams meet again tonight. >> you may think you know something about push-ups, a 7-year-old from the ukraine
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can teach us all a thing or two. he set a new record doing four -- 4,000 in a row in two hours and 29 minutes. judges from the ukrainian book of records watched closely he started training at age five, within a year he could do 3,000 continuous push-ups. his personal best is more than 6,000 push-ups and he's looking forward to breaking his own record. i don't think i've done 6,000 push-ups in my entire life and i've done a few. >> i believe you. look how cut he is. >> kind of scary. 5:27. anti-american protest in libya takes a deadly turn with the death of a u.s. ambassador. how will the u.s. react? katie marzullo will have the latest this breaking news. plus, video police need to you see of a brazen robbery
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and killing, caught on surveillance camera with mark zuckerberg breaking his silence on facebook's stock plunge. will his words be 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. overnight attacks on u.s. compounds in the arab world turned deadly. u.s. ambassador to libya was killed a man with deep bay area roots. >> katie marzullo with the latest. >> reporter: radical islamic group leading the siege
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against the american embassy in benghazi the group is angry about an online film made by an american considered offensive to islam in the overnight attack, a rocket hit a car carrying u.s. ambassador chris stevens he and others were trying to leave to get to safety. he was born and raised in northern california. he had just become the ambassador of libya in may of this year. three other americans were killed, all with senior security positions. secretary of state clinton expressing profound sadness over the four deaths. president obama has strongly condemned attack in a white house statement he called stevens a courageous and exemplary representative of the united states. there is more violence this morning in egypt as well, protesters there have stormed the embassy and they tore down the american flag. and replaced with it a black flag representing their group.
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right now all u.s. embassies in the arab area are on high alert this morning. developing news from the east bay, fire in alameda chased more than a dozen out of their homes and forced firefighters to stage a dangerous rescue. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: 15 people inside, they say it was pretty scary to get woken by this fire. look at video we have. taken by a young man on his way out of the building. it was a big one -- [ inaudible ] caused significant damage. it was this young man's father who firefighters had to rescue, his father is paralyzed -- [ inaudible ] firefighters had to run in and save him. they got him out okay. they say there were four units told inside this building. everyone else got out without
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problems, 15 lived inside firefighters are trying to figure out why the fire started. >> we believe the fire started on the outside of the bidding to the rear. started downstairs first floor and traveled up to the second floor went inside the building and up in the attic. >> reporter: they can't tell whether it was suspicious. residents were able to run inside and grab clothes and other essential items so they could make it to work and school. fires say they got call 1:00 this morning got the fire out an hour later, this is on pacific at chestnut in alameda. a resident we talked to was emotional they said it was scary, very tough seeing their stuff get destroyed or damaged. within woman that we met said she did not have renter's insurance. the red cross was here to help. volunteers got them to a place
5:35 am
where they could start planning for the future. firefighters say these units were damaged significantly. they won't be living here, returning any time soon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. federal investigators told richmond city council last night chevron failed to inspect a pipe that sparked a huge fire. the chemical safety board released surveillance video. this is from chevron, showing a large white vapor cloud shortly before the fire on august 6th. inspectors state pipe that failed had worn to 1/16 thick only 20% of original thickness and the pipe should have been replaced during a november inspection. >> we've obtained internal chevron policy documents that recommend they've segment of pipe in this service should have been included in a pipe inspection program. >> i want to assure you that this incident is not reflective of our refinery or
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our company. chevron does place the highest value on safety. >> the refinery manager told councilmembers chevron wants richmond residents to get the jobs -- milpitas police released photos of three suspects wanted in connection with a weekend murder of a convenience store clerk. these pictures are from a store surveillance camera at the 7-eleven on north milpitas boulevard they show three entered the store, two had faces covered, the third suspect's face visible. employee was shot and killed during that robbery at the store, two blocks away from the police department. he was the first homicide of the year in milpitas. vigil held tonight for the highway patrol officer kenyon young he died after being shot last week during a traffic stop on i-68 know al movement we are learning about some of the people who have received
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officer youngstrom's organs 29-year-old mother got one of his kidneys and pancreas, a 52-year-old woman received his other kidney she had been on a waiting list 10 years, live went to 63-year-old woman and 50-year-old man married with four children in southern california go his heart. the officer's funeral is tomorrow. abc7 news will have full coverage. 5:37. >> partial coverage this morning of the to you we going to weather now, we'll check -- morning --. you can see the high pressure over top of us, good morning, winds are fairly calm to just a breath southeast in san jose, six miles per hour out of the west oakland five west napa three,
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-- high pressure compressing marine layer. clouds lower than in the week. wet weather moving away from california today traveling around the bay, you are going to see lower clouds this morning, especially around the bay, north bay and towards the coast. sunshine around the bay inland by noon, clouds start dissipating at the coast noon sunshine towards the latter parts of the afternoon into the evening. 50s today, from the mid 50s at the coast to 80 inland by noon, 62 coast 4:00, 79 around the bay, 85 inland. by 7:00, all of us back into the 60s, except inland, a few 70s. next three days, warmest in the forecast. tomorrow warmest at the coast, most sunshine temperatures threaten 70°, mid 60s friday stkaeupbt. low to mid 80s around the bay, low to mid 90s inland.
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good morning. relatively light this wednesday morning, we like it like that 5:39. live shot of san mateo bridge taillights towards the highrise into foster city drive time 15 minutes from either side of the bay in either direction. bay bridge toll traffic nice flowing smoothly no metering lights headed into san francisco, incline section starting to get sluggish still no major delays into the city on the bay bridge. central valley still okay starting to slow a little out of tracy towards the altamont pass once there less than 20 minutes into the dublin pleasanton interchange. big reveal in morning at mosconey center, 10:00, traffic around that area, third, fourth and howard, expect delays. 5:39. remembering a young man with a promising life. family and friends come together 1,000 strong to share
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memories of a bay area college student who lost his life on a river. new tool will help residents know what crime is going on around them. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! we got a lotta empty cans. tomato basil, potato with bacon, 80 different kinds... no wonder we're going through this stuff! hey, hon, want some soup? you bet! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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good morning. we'll be keeping a close eye at facebook stock when the
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market opens later this morning to see if it will gain more ground after mark zuckerberg spoke out about the disappointing stock offering. he was speaking for the first time publicly yesterday about facebook's ipo. he didn't apologize for the 50% drop in the share price but admitted facebook needs to focus more on mobile users and monetizing all that mobile force. he cited three reasons why: >> more users obviously. the second is that per person using facebook on mobile, there's more engagement and spending more time. the third is that per amount of time people spend on mobile, we think we are going to make more money than on desk tops. >> facebook stock rose 3 1/2% at yesterday's close. $19.43 per share they opened at $38. "good morning america" will have more at 7:00 at 6:30
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we'll go to the new york stock exchange and get more. hayward police department has become the lateness bay area to use a crime map website, crime allows residents as well as business owners to see what crimes occurred in their area into near real-time they can sign up for free up dates whenever crime occurs in a specific location the site has an iphone app. several other bay area cities use the site. holiday shopping season may be brighter for retailers. bloomberg business report coming up. he has a weapon in his hand! >> the tense situation in los angeles as police chase a murderer suspect. popular supplement researchers now say may not be the lifesaver that many think.
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welcome back. look at the warmth inland 90 fairfield, antioch, 80s rest of the east bay valleys north bay and south bay mid 70s to near 80 bay mid to upper 60s coast into san francisco more sunshine than yesterday. flooding and thunderstorms subsiding in the southern parts of our state. going to get warmer palm springs 100, central valley
5:48 am
mid to upper 90s, tahoe 75 today, clouds big sur and 68. 5:48. huge turnout in lafayette last night to celebrate the life of brett olson, a college student who drowned in the sacramento river after he went missing for a week. 1,000 turned out at acalanes high to remember olson. his father expressed his astonishment at the way his community mobilized to try to find brett. he disappear during a labor day gathering. within the first four hours of posting it on facebook, 17,000 people joined the effort. eventually it ballooned to more than 92,000. >> the world will not miss brett. we will in the most deepest, fundamental way. but the world must not miss the power of the focused many that helped. >> brett olson's funeral for saturday morning at 10 at the lafayette orinda presbyterian
5:49 am
church. this morning los angeles police investigating a chase that ended with a suspect shot this was the scene as police chased a mur suspect armed with an assault rifle. the helicopter reporter for kabc describes what happened after the suspect's white car crashed into the intersection. >> he's out of vehicle, he's got the weapon, he's gone down, he's got an ak-47 in his hand he's trying to return fire shots are fired! they are in a gun battle here in the insick shun! rampart officers in a gun battle, we are going to pull out. -- weather coming through, clouds but you can see the suspect in down. >> suspect was down because police shot him he is expected to survive. >> nothing like that exciting going on in the bay area. today is one of those maximum enforcement highway litter days, watch out for chp and
5:50 am
don't throw anything out your window you remember what the fine is? >> what is it? >> $1,000. you few that. >> i hit two things yesterday on the way to work hubcap and some black box. >> somebody owes you $2,000. >> i thought you meant clouds or something. >> hit those driving into the caldecott not as low hanging as they were clouds are out there you can see as we look at how thin they are this morning. live doppler, you can see a little mist in the air. as far as temperatures, still in the throw upper 50s everywhere with -- in the low to upper 50s everywhere. around the monterey bay mid to upper 50s, temperatures held that way because of cloud cover. by the afternoon, sunshine, temperatures close to average for of the year.
5:51 am
warmest afternoon tomorrow and friday, slow cooling trend for saturday, sunday and monday. today we jump one to three degrees in most neighborhoods santa rosa the exception. biggest jump oakland and fremont 70 and 80 for your highs, three degrees warmer than yesterday. south bay, everybody in the low to mid 80s, milpitas at 79, los gatos 87. 81 menlo park warm spot on the minutes la, 74 millbrae coast more sunshine than yesterday mid 60s 70 downtown south san francisco sausalito mid 60s north bay beaches 20° warmer in your valleys mid to upper 70s most of the east bay shore extreme 72 berkeley, hercules, castro valley and fremont near 80 east bay valleys me 80s dublin to near 90 antioch and brentwood low
5:52 am
80s around hollister mid to upper 80s gilroy and morgan hill, mid 60s monterey, carmel and pacific grove few clouds in the afternoon high pressure compresses marine layer tonight best chance of clouds along the coast and fog north bay where santa cruz is the cool spot 49 most of us low to upper 50s area of high pressure while were you sleeping it expanded up to the north and down to the south moving into northern california right now the offshore flow is i think we'll have a better chance of seeing that offshore flow tomorrow today just squashing the marine layer that's why we'll see more sun at the coast. the warmest weather hits the coast tomorrow with light offshore wind still warm friday, saturday by sunday temperatures in the low 60s at coast upper 70s bay upper 80s inland where we'll hang out monday and tuesday of next week. live now to walnut creek,
5:53 am
from concord pleasant hill south on 680 just a few brake lights towards highway 24 traffic flowing nicely, no problems or delays through the rest of the san ramon valley to the dublin interchange. san jose headlights snaking northbound on 280 towards cupertino that is light as you can see, 17 the overcrossing there, no problem as you come out of the santa cruz mountains into san jose. a live look at the bay bridge toll, smooth sailing no metering lights, no problems upper deck. a little bunching out of antioch towards pittsburg once you get to hillcrest, seven minutes to concord and 242, north and south 101 roadwork continuing for another 10 minutes through marin county, both directions there. drive out of the central valley towards the dublin pleasanton area still less than 20 minutes. 5:53.
5:54 am
bay area companies will be filling more than 300 positions during today's hire event job fair sponsored by abc7 and the job journal held at hotel wickham on market in san francisco from noon to 4:00. details on look under see it on tv. i know, it is only september but the nation's retailers are gearing up for the holiday shopping see soon. all indications are -- shopping season. all indications it could be one of the strongest in years. holiday shopping retailers may bag the first increase in holiday traffic since 2007. store business this know and december are expected to increase almost 3%, and sales may rise more. facebook founder on the defensive in his first enter rue since the disastrous stock debut in may he says employee morale has been hurt by the experience and facebook is trying harder to make money off mobile advertising. higher close for stocks
5:55 am
yesterday, investors thought the fed would do something to stimulate the economy. how would you like to lose weight and keep it off forever? company getting ready to seek u.s. approval it gets implanted near the stomach and sends signals to the brain to discourage snacks and late night , it is already being used in europe. i'm jane king. american -- the american heart association has long said eating oily fish is good for your heart so millions have been taking fish oil pills as a supplement. new study says the pills aren't doing what they thought. 740 million dollars how much we spend a year on fish oil capsules containing the substance nutritionists swear bay omega 3 fatty acids. researchers looked at 20 studs involving -- 20 studies, involving almost 70,000 people,
5:56 am
book who took the supplements died as the same rate as anybody else. >> there's a lot of claims that don't have the evidence behind them. >> eating fish itself seems to help, people who eat fish twice a week are less likely to have heart disease. one near right body absorbs omega 3 from fish in a different way. "good morning america" will have more. -- experimental drug that couldn't stop mental decline in advanced alzheimer's could help patients in other areas. i; drug is maded john & johnson although the drug failed in original -- johnson & johnson although the drug failed in original trial, it helped people with mild less advanced form of alzheimer's. study presented at a medical conference yesterday. high school with strong par business in sports have --
5:57 am
--. bay area city dealing with the spike in home burglaries and residents say they don't feel safe. we are continuing to follow breaking news from overseas. bay area native serving the u.s. in libya
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